Think Global By Acting Local

We believe in a local, in parallel with a national, 
approach to issues of concern to our members. 

So in addition to the usual high profile campaigns, 
we undertake to change firstly ourselves,
and our own modes of behaviour, then our local communities, 
then onwards and outwards into the wider world.  

Paganism is active and participatory,
so get out there and do something!

Recently we have, amongst other things, done the following:

Attended Interfaith meetings at Cork University Hospital,
to explain the needs of the Pagan community while in hospital care.

Campaigned for, and achieved,
the right for Pagans to be legally married 
in their own religious services.
(See our " Pagan Weddings" page)

Contacted educational book publishers and had pejorative references
to Paganism removed and books reissued.

Contacted business people in the locality,
and asked them to turn off non essential lighting
during out of business hours.

Contact news media outletspaper who print articles defaming Paganism,
and inform them of their duties under the various pieces of Equality legislation, and achieved retratctions.

Contact our local Interfaith bodies to lobby
on our behalf for inclusion on Interfaith councils.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but just an outline of the type of campaigning we get involved in.

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