If you care about something,
be active in ensuring its wellbeing.

If you truly care about Environmental, Equality and other issues,
it is your responsibility to do something about them. 

This will involve entering the political arena in some fashion.

Your political representatives are there to serve you, 
(particularly during election time),
so use that power.

Register to vote, and have your voice and issues heard.

Contact your local representatives and make them aware of your concerns,
and encourage others of like mind to do the same. 

Politicians respond when people contact them in numbers.
It may well be that they just want your vote, but so what. 

Organise a meeting in your local hall, and invite your TD's, MP's, MLA's, Council Members etc to speak. 

No politician will willingly turn down the opportunity to self promote, 
so get your issue aired in a public forum, and effect change. 

Remember your politicians represent you.
But they can't help you, if they don't know your issues. 

Find out who represents you below:

Republic of Ireland TD's and Senators - http://www.oireachtas.ie/parliament/tdssenators/

Northern Ireland MP's - 

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